Star of the Sea Seafood of South Jersey is a wholesale business, which specializes in the manufacturing of customizable seafood products.  Our team creates and distributes individualized seafood products to some of the finest restaurants and local businesses.


Here at Star of the Sea, we provide only the freshest seafood which comes directly from fisheries and harvesters.  We will NEVER used pasteurized crab meat or other crab meat substitutes.  All of our products are prepared fresh ensuring that our customers receive the best seafood.  We take pride in this continued commitment and guarantee to our customers.  


Currently, we offer over 30 products, with breaded, unbreaded and gluten free options available. We cater to the unique needs of our clientele welcoming the challenge of product customization.  We can accommodate any request and stand behind our products 100%.  If you’re looking to try a new seafood product, contact us for a sample!


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“Best of Philly” Best Crabcake 2008 & 2009 Winner by Philadelphia Magazine!

To ensure the freshest and safest product, we adhere to FDA guidelines and maintain the highest HACCP approval rating.